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At BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, we provide 3D printing solutions along the entire Additive Manufacturing value chain, under the brand Forward AM:
From consultancy and development, through bespoke design, digital simulation and prototype printing, to finishing and exhaustive component testing – we provide you with exactly what your business needs. Whichever material you require for your specific project, Forward AM offers you the world’s largest selection of 3D printing materials and service solutions.

Our development goals are to design durable materials and holistic solutions for the industrial-scale manufacturing of end products, for example in the automotive and aerospace industries, in consumer goods, and in the industrial, medical and dental sector. The majority of our potential customers are companies that intend to use 3D printing for industrial production.

Stoc: 14
Filament BASF Ultrafuse ABS NOU
Filament BASF Ultrafuse ABS ABS
Ultrafuse® ABS (acrilonitril butadien stiren)...
143,99 RON
Stoc: 10
Filament BASF Ultrafuse PLA NOU
Filament BASF Ultrafuse PLA PLA
Ultrafuse® PLA (anterior Innofil3D PLA, denumire...
145,00 RON
Stoc: 13
Filament BASF Ultrafuse TPC 45D NOU
Filament BASF Ultrafuse TPC 45D TPE/TPC
Ultrafuse® TPC 45D (anterior Innofil3D InnoFlex...
175,00 RON
Stoc: 56
Rășini BASF Ultracur3D ST Tough Line NOU 13%
Rășini BASF Ultracur3D ST Tough Line Industrial
Fotopolimerii de uretan reactivi Ultracur3D® ST...
495,00 RON
428,40 RON
Stoc: 3
Filament BASF Ultrafuse 316L Metal
Filament BASF Ultrafuse 316L Metal Bound Metal / Ceramic - MIM/CIM
Ultrafuse® 316L combină o mai mare libertate de...
2.495,00 RON

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