JGMaker is headquartered in one of fastest-growing city. We specialize in developing, producing, and online retailing 3d printers and accessories. Those products could be used in manufacturing, automobile, creative arts, as well as prototyping and DIY makers. We have been committed to increasing the research and development strength, gathering the high-class talents of software, hardware and networking to form a research and development center of 3d printing.

JGMaker Magic NOU
JGMaker Magic JGMaker
J GMaker Magic este gata sa inlocuiasca...
1.495,00 RON
JGMaker A8S JGMaker
Caracteristici Material fiabil: imprimantă 3D...
12.295,00 RON
JGMaker A6 NOU
JGMaker A6 JGMaker
Caracteristici Structură din tablă, design...
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