The Kimya brand, launched by ARMOR, offers innovative solutions using made-to-measure 3D materials adapted to the needs of industry.

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Filament Kimya PETG-S NOU
Filament Kimya PETG-S PET/PET-G
Filamentul Kimya PETG-S este produs prin...
148,75 RON
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Filament Kimya PLA-R NOU
Filament Kimya PLA-R PLA
Filamentul Kimya PLA-R este un polimer reciclat...
148,75 RON
Filament Kimya PLA-HI NOU
Filament Kimya PLA-HI PLA
Filamentul Kimya PLA-HI este un polimer produs cu...
208,25 RON
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Filament Kimya TPC-91A NOU
Filament Kimya TPC-91A TPE/TPC
Filamentul Kimya TPC -91A aparține familiei de...
267,75 RON

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