Add:north consists of two childhood friends and two brothers, linked via engineering studies at Chalmers University of Technology, who are technical enthusiasts and have a long experience from the plastics industry. When we started to 3D-print, we soon realized that it was a bit tricky to acquire high quality materials and that many resellers had issues with stock levels and deliveries from foreign countries. Therefore, we founded the start-up add:north and moved to a swedish plastics and entrepreneurship cluster into an old textile factory where the first filament line was set up.

Filament add:north E-PLA NOU
Filament add:north E-PLA PLA
E-PLA este realizat din materiale biodegradabile...
135,00 RON
Filament add:north PETG NOU
Filament add:north PETG PET/PET-G
Materialul PETG produs de compania suedeză...
155,00 RON

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