Mosaic is a digital manufacturing company creating the next generation of product delivery systems. Founded in 2014, Mosaic began by enabling 3D printers to create substantially more useful and valuable products. Now, we’re working to scale this technology to help millions of people get value from the upcoming waves of customization and personalization.

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Mosaic Palette 2S & Canvas Hub NOU
Mosaic Palette 2S & Canvas Hub Imprimante 3D (după producător)
Experiența Palette 2 îmbunătățită...
1.175,00 RON
Mosaic Palette 3 NOU
Mosaic Palette 3 Imprimante 3D (după producător)
Palette 3 și Palette 3 Pro sunt cele mai recente...
3.808,00 RON
Mosaic Element NOU
Mosaic Element Mosaic
Cu siguranță, nu toată lumea va necesita un...
32.995,00 RON

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