Spectrum Group Sp. z o.o. based in Pecice near Warsaw, was established at the end of May 2015. The com- pany started its activity related to the production of consumables for 3D printers operating in FFF/FDM technology under the brand Spectrum Filaments.

Spectrum Group is a family-owned company opened to new ideas and ready to follow the expectations of customers while offering production capabilities of one of the largest filament manufacturers in Poland.

Our main goal is to provide high quality products while maintaining attractive prices and constant availability - the features so desired by demanding customers. One of the company's key principles is individual approach and customer satisfaction. We are able to bend over any, even the most complicated order.

Filament Spectrum PETG Premium NOU
Filament Spectrum PETG Premium PET/PET-G
Transparență ridicată și rezistență chimică...
124,95 RON
Stoc: 6
Filament Spectrum PLA Stone Age NOU
Filament Spectrum PLA Stone Age PLA
Filamentele Spectrum Stone sunt o serie de...
125,00 RON
Stoc: 11
Filament Spectrum S-Flex 90A NOU
Filament Spectrum S-Flex 90A TPU
Acolo unde durabilitatea și flexibilitatea sunt...
145,00 RON
Stoc: 9
Filament Spectrum PETG Glitter NOU
Filament Spectrum PETG Glitter PET/PET-G
Transparență ridicată și rezistență chimică...
155,00 RON
Stoc: 34
Filament Spectrum PETG HT100 NOU
Filament Spectrum PETG HT100 PET/PET-G
Pentru toti PETG HT100 este un filament pe...
185,00 RON
Stoc: 3
Filament Spectrum ASA 275 NOU
Filament Spectrum ASA 275 ASA
Rezistență UV și termică Filamentul ASA 275...
190,40 RON
Filament Spectrum PETG/PTFE NOU
Filament Spectrum PETG/PTFE PET/PET-G
PETG cu proprietăți tribologice Popularizarea...
297,50 RON

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